Welcome Guardians to Shadow Ops. We are glad you have chosen to join us. To help you get started please read our rules and follow these instructions below. 


1. No use of profanity in game or in chat. We follow a 3 strikes rule. After 3 strikes you'll be removed from the clan. This is very important to the culture of our community. We are dedicated to offering a positive environment.

2. Due to having a nearly full roster we will be forced to remove members that are not contributing to the community. If a member disappears for an extended period of time we will attempt to contact them directly. If you know you will be away from Destiny 2 for 2-3 weeks consecutively please post in our Discord Clan Channel so we know.

3. You must be at least 16 years old.  If you are younger than this but can prove to be mature and respectful we may grant you membership. This will be approved on an individual basis.


1. If you haven't done so already, click Join on our clan page at Bungie.net. Click Here

2. Join our Discord Chat Channel. Discord is a mobile app you can download on your phone, tablet, and computer. This is the platform we use to communicate within the clan. Click this link to get started. Https://discord.gg/Ahzxvzq

3. Confirmation Post
First confirm to us that you have read and agree to the rules above. Go to #new-members channel in Discord and post the following:
PSN Name:

* An Admin will automatically accept you into the clan once you complete the above instructions.


We have a large roster so finding the right teammates might seem overwhelming. The best advice for finding members to play with is to post a message in our General Chat Channel   on Discord. Just ask. Examples: "Anyone want to help me do Nightfall?" "Who wants to grind public events?" "Who's on right now?"  Once you get responses from clan members, send them friend requests. It's that easy.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. If you have ideas for improving our community or want to help (moderate chat, graphics, videos, web development, podcasting) then please private message our clan leader "XtremeFear27" in Discord.