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Heroes are born!

Age Requirement

It will be hard to save all those puppies while your playing with annoying little kids. Our membership age requirement is age 16 with a few exceptions based on maturity of those individuals.


Regardless if you are new to Destiny or a seasoned vet, we hope that you will find our community helpful in progressing in the game and collecting achievements together along the way.


Our community has members that eat, sleep, and play Destiny. But then there are those who can only play a few hours a month. It doesn't matter to us. Due to Bungie clan roster limitations (100) we will remove members that disappear for several weeks without letting us know. We will attempt to contact members first before booting anyone.

  • Look here for future clan announcements
    First Raid - September 13th, 2017. Get your Light Level up and join clan members at 1pm EST.

  • Clan History Section

  • We are here to help you! If you need anything please look to our leaders for support on the PS4,, and Discord.
    Clan Leader

The Bungie Podcast

Listen in as our podcast crew and a rotating selection of special guests talk shop about what it takes to build worlds at Bungie.
  • The Bungie Podcast – November 2017
    Join Luke Smith, Mark Noseworthy, and Eric Osborne as they sound off on the state of Destiny 2, what it takes to update the game, and where we’re heading next.
  • The Bungie Podcast – September 2017
    Join Luke Smith, Mark Noseworthy, and Eric Osborne as they sound off on the looming Destiny 2 launch, unwelcoming welcome packets, and the perfect fruit.

"Guys destiny 2 is awesome!!!"


Fun in a Clean Environment

We believe in creating a community where players can come together to enjoy their favorite games with friends without listening to vulgar or abusive language. We demand that our members respect each other and do not curse in chat or in game.

Join our Community today and begin to build new friendships and enjoy exciting new experiences together. If you haven't done so already, go to our Clan Page to join.